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Our mission is to educate and support individuals with epilepsy and their families, to increase awareness in the general community and to facilitate prevention and management of epilepsy. This includes providing services and programs for people with Epilepsy, education, awareness, providing leadership in advocacy for epilepsy issues and collaborating with other community resources in support of the mission of the people with seizure disorders.


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Taking vacations and traveling is part of everyday life for many people. Most of us will travel to a vacation spot or visit family at some time during the year, while others may travel for work or other obligations. Adults and children with seizures may have special questions and concerns about types of travel, safety issues to consider, and how to manage seizures safely and appropriately when traveling or in unfamiliar situations. An excellent set of resources for planning your … read more

Imagine sitting in a 60,000-person stadium. Did you realize that statistically, about 500 of the people there will have epilepsy? Epilepsy can develop in any person at any age, although most new cases are most common in children. After age 60, the risk begins to increase again. The causes of epilepsy are mainly brain injuries and chemical imbalances, but over half the cases cannot be traced to any one certain cause. Brain injuries include birth traumas, infections such as meningitis, … read more