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The Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama is committed to increasing public awareness on seizures and epilepsy so that painful misunderstandings can be avoided. And you can, too! We provide a number of different public health service programs designed for schools, the workplace or the home. These programs raise awareness and educate others on recognizing seizure signs and symptoms while enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families affected by seizures and epilepsy.

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Client Services

The Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama provides a full range of Client Services and programs. These offerings are tailored to the individual needs of the client and their family and may include:

Direct Services

Emergency Medication, Utility Assistance or Travel Assistance through the Penry Trust Program. The Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama can provide emergency medication assistance for clients meeting the guidelines. Only anti-seizure medication can be refilled on a one time per client per year basis.

Information and Referral

General Information and referral to other resources.


To view our latest 990 visit www.guidestar.org  We are listed as Epilepsy Chapter of Mobile and Gulf Coast dba Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama.


Camp Evoked Potential

Camp for children ages 6-18 that have epilepsy held the last week of June each year. Click here to learn more about Camp Evoked Potential.

Do you have a student with seizures?

Do you have an employee with seizures?

Do you or a family member have seizures?

Do you have customers who may have seizures?

Education and Training

The Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama is available to offer education on what to do when you see someone having a seizure. Out training programs provide you, your family, your students, your faculty or your employees with knowledge and understanding in how to recognize, offer first aid and support to those having or prone to seizures.

A wide variety of education and training for School Nurses, Seniors, Women and Pregnancy and First Responders.   The Epilepsy Foundation is an approved CEU (Continuing Education Units) provider by the Alabama State Department of Social Work, CEU’s are available to nurses and social workers for Epilepsy Foundation education programs. (Nurse & Social Worker CEU Units are interchangeable).

Employer Education and Training

The Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama offers an Employment/Training Program in partnership with the State of Alabama Governors’ Office on Disability. The focus of the program is the development of improved communication skills regarding accommodations in the workplace. It provides solid information to persons with epilepsy who are currently employed or seeking employment throughout the State of Alabama. Guidance in these areas take place in a classroom setting. For a sample of the curriculum, take a look at the following videos:

To schedule a training program, email us at alabama@efa.org