Camp Evoked Potential


Click here for camper information, and to download a 2016 application.

2017 Camp Evoked Potential will take applications beginning January 2017

A Heartfelt Thank you to the following 2016 Camp Evoked Potential Sponsors:

  • Mobile Rotary Children’s Foundation
  • Lundbeck LLC
  • Friendship Lodge No. 83, Centreville
  • Bear Creek Civitan Club 3773, Bear Creek
  • Eastaboga Lodge 155, Eastaboga
  • Thomas L. Turner Charitable Trust
  • Andalusia Rotary Club Foundation
  • Mapp Family Foundation
  • Masonic Breakfast Club
  • Glen M. Thomas
  • Grand Bay Lodge # 767
  • Caring Foundation-Blue Cross Blue Shield

Camp Evoked Potential

Through donations and grants we fully fund campers ages 6-18 who have seizure disorders. All our campers are from Alabama. The camp is staffed with medical personnel to accommodate and care for children with all types of disabilities. Seizure medications for campers with seizure disorders must be given at specific and regular times. The camp offers swimming, canoeing, crafts, hiking, fishing, games and the ever popular “zip-line” that will also accommodate wheelchair campers.

The campers come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Camp Evoked Potential is often the first time a child with epilepsy can experience peer acceptance and enjoy a special quality experience. Families have an opportunity to relax in the knowledge the camp provides a safe environment where there are no labels and judgements. The campers learn to control epilepsy not allow epilepsy to control them. Empower and motivate a child and they will succeed and thrive.

To learn more about the Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama and Camp Evoked Potential, call 251.341.0170 or 800.626.1582. Updated camp applications will be available December, 2017 at

For information about Camp Smile (Mobile) or to defer deposit please contact Donna Dodson at

Questions? Call (251) 341-0170 or (800) 626-1582.

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